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i'm linda so live at bwi marshal airport. we're all looking forward to the final weekend of summer. what you need to know as you are catching a flight as earl makes its way up the east coast. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 god is truly in control of this. >> you never know. >> well, earl is happening here this morning. it is a hurricane pressing down on the east coast effecting 30 million people. good morning, i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. we've been on since 4:00 trying to keep you posted on this storm as it heads our way. >> we have live team coverage across the area from north carolina to baltimore to the eastern shore and ocean city. >> so let's start things off first with meteorologist lynnette charles standing by tracking the hurricane. lynnette? >> good morning, everyone.
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we are definitely watching hurricane earl. everybody is covered. let me show you what's going on right now because we have the headlines. the beaches, tropical storm warnings. we're trying to find the change. so we no longer have the hurricane watch, just have a tropical storm warning up. the winds 30 to 60 miles per hour. the waves about 8 to 15 feet and have a coastal flood advisory for the bay. we'll start to go downhill and already doing that. you can see the temperature hasn't moves a little bit. now's at 76. the dew point is still the same. feels like 82.  the winds have been fluctuating back and forth. this is your maryland's most powerful radar. we can see that powerful hurricane, a category two storm as of now. those bands are definitely getting people wet from the carolinas even into ocean city at this time. so speaking of ocean city,
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let's send this to joce. what are you seeing? >> reporter: what a difference a couple of hours make. when we came out at 4:00, there was nothing to talk about. when we came out, we're thought geez, is this it? now with t.'s changing. it it's obviously intensifying. when we first came out, the wind was going at 6 miles per hour and now it's up to 18 miles per hour which isn't impressive but it shows you it's intensifying as earl comes off the coast. we've been talking to more and more people as the morning goes on. people are trickling out of the hotel rooms. they want to see what's happening with earl. we're watching the waves at the moment. they're getting stocker, bigger and starting to come up on the shore. as the light comes on, they are starting to get impressive.
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we watched the waves that were not typical of ocean city because of earl. we're watching the winds breaking 50 yards off the shore. obviously things are changing as we wait for earl to move up the coastline. we'll keep you posted and hopefully talk to beach patrol to find out what they think for the day. we talked to the fire chief about a half hour ago. he says they are breathing a bit of a sigh of relief. nothing to worry about, but of course they are not going to rule anything out. i'm joce sterman. back to you. >> we are covering the power of this massive storm. we're staying live in ocean city with justin berk. the worst of it, time it out for us, justin. >> all right, jamie, i don't want anyone to wake up and think it's completely done and it was blown out of proportion. of course linda talked about the storm weakening.
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high today we already had that between 2:00 and 4:00 this morning. as we're standing on the boardwalk, our feet are dry, all right? that's good. there is proof for you. we have a mobile unit and can highlight that you can see this. here in ocean city, the temperature is about 75, 76 degrees. look at those outer rain bands. we're just on the edge of it. occasionally we get a little bit of rain. the last band they came through was just light rain. about five, ten minutes ago what it had done was really kick up those winds. we're looking at the latest conditions right now, which are highlighting winds at our nearby weather station averaging about 10 to 15 miles per hour. you can see this right there at the bottom of that little window, a northeast gust at 23. that really was just about five minutes ago. every time we get one of these rain bands push through, and there's more wrapping around to the south side that's where we expect to have the winds pick
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up. we're expecting tropical storm force winds over 40 miles per hour. as we get daylight, we could show you the angry seas over our shoulder. there are big waves there, and that is chewing up the beach. not so much the rain but how bad the waves eat away at the beach. meteorologist justin berk. back to you. >> last sunday and was supposed to stay through sunday of this week. we expected them to have a mandatory evacuation so we left yesterday to avoid all of the traffic. >> yeah, many people are struggling on the whole issue on whether to stay or go. traffic has been smooth. kim brown will have more on the traffic in the area but many people aren't too worried about the hurricane. they are headed to the eastern shore anyway. some have elected to go down to virginia where the hurricane is dumping heavy rains on the virginia coast. some people are driving.
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others are flying this labor day weekend. if your plans include hopping on a plane, you probably want to know, can i get out of town? linda so joins us perfect bwi thurgood marshall airport. hi, linda. >> reporter: good morning. no major cancellations or delays because of hurricane earl. it's causing a little bit of delays from the carolinas to the new england area, labor day vacationers are keeping a close eye on the storm. while the majority of us will be driving, labor day is a big weekend for air travel. several major airlines are allowing customers to rebook their flights if they are worried buzz of earl. south west is letting its customers get ahead of the storm and catch an earlier flight at no extra charge. >> we've been tracking it, and trying depending upon which angle it takes it could either hit boston or miss it, but
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we're going to get ahead of the storm. we don't know what will happen as you get there. >> reporter: if your labor day plans are taking you up the east coast, boston, maine area, check your flight status early and often to make sure you are not dealing with any delays or cancellations. live at bwi marshal, linda so, abc 2 news. >> as linda just said, you are not going to be affected by the hurricane in terms of air travel this morning. as you make your way around the local roadways, we're at a good start. a downed tree has harley mill road closed in both directions between glen arm road and harford road. we're all in the green, no problems on 795 southbound. it it's going to take you roughly eight or nine minutes to make it the entire stretch towards the beltway. if you are headed towards the eastern shore this is what it's liking like at route 50 and route 8. no delays, no problems
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as you make your way eastbound. north carolina's getting hit right now. 6:07 and we will not allow emily schmidt to run for cover. she's out there in the storm telling us the current conditions out there right now. good morning again, emily. >> reporter: hi, jamie. you won't get rid of us that easily. for the fist time these past few minutes, the rain has given us the reprieve after falling hard all evening. you can see the lights remain on. >> the rain has stopped it looks like. the winds have died down a bit, huh? >> yeah. so whether there is another band coming through, we might have to face it again. right now this is what people are hoping for as it heads up your direction. >> emily schmidt live for us in north carolina. megan? >> the very latest on earl on our web site which is
6:09 am video behind the scenes and before 4:00 this morning, joce and justin were active with earl blogging so you can track all of the conditions as they change. you can also check the up-to- the-minute forecast. everything you need to know all things earl can be found on when you get there, you can click on the hurricane center, which is under the weather tab. >> stay with abc 2 news for complete live team coverage as earl moves up the east coast. join us again at 9:00 this morning. then today at 5:00 and 6:00, we'll be live all morning long. it came without warning. a fire aboard a bp oil rig in the gulf of mexico bringing back memories of april's oil rig explosion in the gulf of mexico. also ahead, the ravens are predicted to win the afc, but did he hadn't look like it last night. and abc 2 news is on the
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go this morning in talbott county. so lovely there. we're going it take to you an inn that has a lot of history behind it. and before we head to break, we want to remind you, if you are trying to get back to work, we would love to help you out every, single wednesday on "good morning, maryland," we put three individual yes resumes on the air. if you'd like yours, e-mail us at best we'll put that 20 second video pitch not only on our web site but on the air. before we go anywhere, we'll head up to new york and check the latest business news happening this morning. >> reporter: good morning. we begin your money scope report with the monthly unemployment report coming out this morning. economists predict the unemployment rate will go up slightly, however, the number of americans filing for first- time jobless claims fell last week. retail sales were up in august. major chain stores say sales
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rose 3.3%. back to school shoppers gave retailers the biggest boost. the numbers also show americans were either looking for the biggest bargains or are still waiting for them. the investment firm 3g capitalle is buying burger king. the $4 billion deal was announced yesterday. 3g's strong ties overseas could help burger king expand around the world. and fishing and shrimping can resume from eastern louisiana. the federal government says fish and seafood show no signs of oil from the bp spill. i'm rob nelson, and that is your money scope report.
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calm it down, everybody, we'll take you to the eastern shore where it's nice and calm
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and relaxed. >> so lovely there. how about this, this friday morning? a hidden gem, oxford in talbott county. sherrie johnson is there this morning and she's on the go. sherrie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jamie and megan. i've got to tell you it is excellent down here. it's so relaxing, calm and quiet. i stepped outside a minute ago. we are here at the historic robert morris inn. she is a server up with me bright and early at the crack of dawn here. tell me about this room that we're in. >> this is a fine dining room. this is where you would come to just have a nice, relaxing dinner. this is supper from the tavern room. this is from the member but it's just as wonderful. >> this is owned by chef mark. tell me about it.
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>> it's the oldest inn in ox from 1710. it is actually the home of robert morris, the financier of the revolution. so this place has a lot of history. this specific room is built in the '70s. tavern is built in the '60s. the rest of the inn is 300 years old. >> reporter: wow. we'll have so much more coming up on "good morning, maryland" at 9:00. and we'll have more for you then. back to you. live on the beach at 18th street here in ocean city. as expected, now that we've got daylight, you can see the angry waves out there. it has been a high tide that occurred a few hours ago. it has had trouble pulling out. in fact, we're looking at really high surf and trying to estimate how high the waves are because we have a few
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estimates. they do look angry. there's no doubt about that. we're looking at 5 to 8 foot waves. i want to start off as we are looking courtesy on the ipad. we've got an average of 4 to 5 foot waves. one other report north and ocean city inland, 15 to 25 1 foot waves just off shore. we've teamed up with weather bug. want to go inside. what have you got, jacob? >> we're tracking hurricane force wind gusts. 75 mile-per-hour wind gusts just occurred about ten minutes ago. also in south nags head, they have about 7. or 6.75 inches of rain so really picking up down
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in cape marreris. >> and a lot of them you say are hurricane force wind gusts? >> yes. >> and we are talking north carolina here? >> yes. >> the storm is producing its full force in north carolina as expected. it's not a waste. one woman just walked by with her early morning exercise and said you guys came out for air nice little fizzle. it's not done yet. we're noticing the winds increase and we are expecting a little bit of flooding and maybe even some beach erosion. let's get the latest on where this storm is and what it will be doing for this part of maryland and the rest of the forecast. here's lynnette. we are talking about the winds. the big story here. what i'm thinking is we'll be getting the tropical storm force winds. let me show you what i'm talking about here. we're on this periphery. it is the tropical storm force winds. the tropical storm force winds extend out 205 miles.
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let me put this into motion. this is at 8:00 that i just showed you. then it starts to pull out a bit. we still are in that so until lunchtime, 1:00, i'll say 2:00 to be on the safe side. goes back that motion. by 5:00, this is out of here and that's good news for us. so we are going downhill and starting to see that. then we start to go back uphill into time. so your holiday weekend not a washout and look going. we look back towards the west because this is the system. it is a cold front that will push through the area and will be dropping the temperatures down into the 70s by tomorrow. it's going to be a really nice day in terms of the temperature. also, we'll be seeing sunshine as well. that will continue as we head into sunday. for today, that temperature coming in right around 90 degrees. it is going to be a hot one. partly cloudy and i'm not going to rule out a couple of showers and thunderstorms as we head towards the east. good morning, kim. >> thanks, lynnette.
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as we begin the labor day holiday in terms of the roads, we're looking really, really nice so far. no accidents and few delays. just a couple of random road hazards out there. harley mill road is closed in both directions between glen arm road and harford road because of a downed tree. also at ellicott city, the right shoulder is taken away because of a downed pole. here we are at wilkins, both loops running smoothly. as you head down towards i-70, inner loop lanes looking good. adds we look at drive times this morning, so far on the green, six minutes south bound to the 95 split to 295. if you are traveling on 95, no problems between the beltways 15 minutes between 695 and route 32 in howard county. as we saw on the outer loop, six minutes between i-70 and 95. jamie, back to you. all new this morning, $41 million.
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that's what it's going to take to improve bwi thurgood marshall airport. water, natural gas, communication lines will all be replaced. the project is expected to be completed in about 11 months with some money coming from federal stimulus funds. all right. time now for the democracy 2010 report this morning. early voting under way in maryland. so this is how it works. you have 11 gays to cast your vote before the -- 11 days to cast your vote before the primary. political analysts do not believe there will be a huge turnout. here's what's happening today right now around maryland. in baltimore city it's furlough day. the city will be officially closed except for police, fire and emergency responders. and trash and recycling collection as well. they are also going to be in operation. all city buildings will be closed with the exception of police headquarters. trash and recycling both
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curbside and city containers will be collected as usual. there will be no bulk trash collection on the schedule. the citizen dropoff centers will be closed as well. high school football kicks off tonight. hopefully they will play better games than last night in st. louis. i mean it was sloppy. the ravens lost in st. louis 27-24, but the rams played their first stringers against the second time. still coach harbaugh was ticked off with the way the ravens played some of these. it's back to work a week from monday against rex ryan and his hard knock jets. april's gulf oil spill has had major are environmental consequences. >> you can image within we heard about a fire that broke out on another bp oil rig in the gulf of mexico.
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it's 6:24 and 75 degrees right now.
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time to say happy birthday if you are celebrating on september 3rd like phyllis here turning 50 today. happy birthday. i hope it's a wonderful one. wallace of preston maryland turnd 59 yesterday. happy birthday to all of you. >> ny my good friend tommy albert is having a birthday so say happy birthday. >> happy birthday, tommy. >> i guess he's just tom now because he's that old. send us a short e-mail with an attached photo. try to get the greetings in about a week in advance so we can get them on the air. time now at 6:25, it's hard to believe it happened again for the second time in just five months. there's been another oil platform fire off the coast of louisiana. fortunately this went as bad. this time, the coast guard says no one was killed and there was
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no leak into the water. 13 workers were arrested in the water. the platform is now about 200 miles west of bp's ruptured well. we've got a wildfire burning out in san diego county threatening the outskirts of a ranch. take a look. that's a historical attraction if you haven't been out there. officials have not found the two people that have not confirmly confirmed that the signal fire sparked the wildfire. an oregon woman is crediting a pair of sunglasses for saving her eyesight. bethany was on her way to a coffee shop when a stranger tossed a cup of acid in her face. she will spend several days in the hospital to go through reconstructive surgery. doctors were happy to know that the acid didn't get into her
6:27 am
eyes because of the sunglasses. it would have blinded her. police are now looking for the woman from this attack. it's an incredible story. i hope they find whoever did that. hurricane earl slammed into the north carolina outer banks overnight. >> we'll tell you just how strong it's grown and where it's heading and how maryland's eastern shore could be impacted. b
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